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  • Great customer support and product shipped fast. Called to find out why I hadn’t received any emails after the first one and owner advised to look in spam folder where I did find it. He made the effort to call me after his missed call which he didn’t have to do. Above and beyond customer service as far as I’m concerned.

  • I purchased The Trusty Products 12 Volt Remote Control 36″ RV Ceiling Fan for the bedroom in my RV. I intended to use it to cool off the bedroom during “quiet hours” when I could not run the generator to use the AC. I could not have made a better purchase. The fan runs so quietly that you have to strain to hear it. After running the fan all night there was hardly any difference in the voltage of the coach batteries. This fan uses very little power, but provides a huge difference in the comfort level of the coach. My husband was skeptical, but now says it was one of the best things we have bought for the RV, and wants another for the living area. I could not be happier with my purchase. The remote is easy to use, and eliminated the need to fish wiring through the walls and ceiling. We hooked the fan up to the power for an existing ceiling light. A call to BJ’s and our question about installing was answered quickly and professionally. Love this fan! Love BJ’s! Thank you!