Turbo 4000 Series II In-Line Fan Bilge Blower


Attwood Turbo 4000 Series II In-Line Blowers

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Turbo 4000 Series II In-Line Fan Bilge Blower

The first vane axial-flow fan bilge blowers designed using aerospace technology to maximize performance.

No other bilge blowers in the industry provide such powerful system output at such a low power input in a compact size.

Patented in-line design – provides ventilation for engine compartments, galleys, bilges, and heads

System airflow exceeds old-style in-line blowers by as much as 25%

Draws up to 40% fewer amps, making our Turbo blowers up to four times more efficient than competitive blowers

Marine ignition protected

Nickel-plated motor can for corrosion resistance

Stiffening ribs to reduce housing distortion
Motor cap to seal wires and motor for water resistance

Five-blade fan maximize airflow and efficiency

Tabs in intake and exhaust hold ventilation hose/ clamp firmly in place

Low amp draw motor for longer blower and battery life

Built-in mounting feet allow easy vertical or horizontal install






Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 5.12 × 4.81 in


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